Kitchen Table Redo: Part Two and a Half

Painting Day Two

Note to self, when purchasing expensive, somewhat destructive, materials for projects, do not leave them where your cat can find them. Professor Farnsworth (pictured below) found the polycrylic protective finish sitting on the end table in the living room yesterday. It sat there for three days next to a vase and a glass candle holder, which he never disturbs by the way, before he discovered it. You know what he did once he found it? He decided it was better off on the floor...

Doesn't he just look so peaceful and
sweet? Most of the time he is, but
 sometimes he just down right awful.
Yep! That is polycrylic on my hardwood floor!

It could have been much worse. My husband was home when Farns found and knocked it off the table and was able to clean it up without any damage. Which is a good thing too, because we rent and I cannot imagine how horrified our landlord would be if he saw this. I think am beginning to understand why ridiculously high pet deposits exist...

As for the table project, I did not get nearly as much done on day two as I would have hoped. This is due in large part to my being a bit under the weather recently. I even stayed home from work and slept in until 11am! But my illness did not keep me from attempting to work on the table, although it did put a huge damper on my productivity.

I set the painting mood with music and tea, and got to work, expecting to spend a few hours painting. Alas, the being up and moving around did not bode well with my sick body and I was exhausted after about 30 minutes, which is when I decided to call it quits and take a nap. In that 30 minutes, I was only able to paint one coat on two more chairs, leaving me with three more chairs to paint and 7 pieces of furniture to paint a second coat on. *sigh*

I expect to finish the painting process Saturday and begin the many layers of polycrylic on Sunday. I do, however, have to make a run to Home Depot first, because half of the can of polycrylic ended up on my floor. Silly cat, paint is for humans.

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