Kitchen Table Redo: Part Two

Painting Process
This process is going to take a lot longer than I expected. I imagine it will take me three, maybe even four days, painting about 3 hours each day, to complete this step. Maybe I am reading the wrong blogs and living in a fantasy land, but I did not expect to be painting for three to four days. I expected to have the whole kitchen table redone in four days. Well, now that I have officially landed on planet Earth and understand how things work in this world, I can better plan my future projects. But for those of you like me, who are novices in this arena, maybe you can benefit from my mistakes.

Painting: Day One
After the day I had at work, I was very much looking forward to painting my dining room set. I made myself a cup of green tea, put my iPod on the speaker dock, blasted the music into my work space, and settled right into what I knew would be an afternoon of relaxation and painting. After two and a half hours, I had painted one coat on the entire table (I painted underneath, even though many other furniture makeover bloggers choose not to do this) and finished one coat on ONE chair before my hand started cramping, leaving me with five chairs and a second coat on all 7 pieces to do before I will finish the painting portion of this project.

It was at this point that I really realized the misconceptions I have had about painting furniture, and decided to stop for the day. Plus it was getting dark and my work space has very poor lighting. I spent the remaining minutes of daylight walking my puppy down the street, which she seemed to greatly appreciate after being ignored for the two and half hours I was painting.

I did, however, forget to take a picture of my progress today while there was some daylight left. And since my work space has awful lighting, the pictures I did take after nightfall are too dark to see the black table and chair clearly. The white chairs show up quite nicely though.
Progress on day one of painting.
In spite of not getting nearly as far as I would have hoped, I think today was very successful. I am also quite relaxed and that is certainly a plus.

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